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Fast Weigh ZX-600 Gram Digital Pocket Jewelry Scale 600 x 0.1g


  • Model: ZX-600
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6lbs
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  • Manufactured by: Fast Weigh

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Fast Weigh ZX 600 Gram Digital Pocket Scale

The Fast Weigh ZX-600 scale has 600g Capacity 0.1g Resolution. The Protective cover doubles as an expansion weighing tray. The weighing surface is a Stainless Steel Platform. This Digital Scale Reads in grams, ounces, Troyounces, and pennyweights. Also comes with a Vinyl Pouch

  • 600g Capacity
  • 0.1g Resolution
  • Protective cover doubles as an expansion tray.
  • Stainless Steel Platform
  • Reads in g, oz, ozt, and dwt
  • Vinyl Pouch & Tray Included
ZX 600 gram digital scales cover doubles as a expansion tray
Vinal Pouch included with the ZX 600 Digital Scale
Capacity600g / 21.16oz/ 19.29ozt / 385.8dwt
Readability0.1g / 0.01oz / 0.01ozt / 0.1dwt
Scale Dimensions 6.1 x 2.6 x 0.8
Platform Dimensions 3.25 x 2.75
Warranty10 Year Limited Warranty
Power2 x CR2032 (included)
Calibration Weight 500 grams NOT included but can be purchased click here

ZX Series Digital Pocket Scale from Fast Weigh.

Please read all operating instructions carefully before use.


1. Operate scale on a hard flat surface

2. Strong electrical currents and magnetic fields can interfere with weighing. Keep free from any vibration. Keep Mobile phones and other radio devices at least 10 feet away during use.

3. Avoid extreme changes in temperature.

4. Do not dismantle the scale as this will void your warranty.

5. Clean scale using a mild detergent.

6. This scale is for personal use only; it is not legal for trade.


Uses two 3 volt

Remove the batteries if the scale is to be

Function Keys

CR2032 lithium button cell batteries. To install batteries, remove the battery cover and insert two CR2032 batteries. Replace the battery cover and scale is ready to operate.DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE FORCE when removing or replacing the battery cover.stored for over a month.

"ON/OFF": Press this button to turn on or off the scale.

"MODE": Press this button to change weighing modes; also used in calibration (see Calibration)

"TARE": Press this button to subtract the weight of a vessel or container (returns the scale to zero)


1. It is suggested that you warm the scale up before use by turning it on for 20 seconds and then turning it off again. Turn the scale on once more to use.

2. After the display flashes for 2 or 3 seconds, it will show "0.0" or "0.00" and the scale is ready for use.

3. To change weighing units, press the "MODE" key. The units will cycle through as follows: g - oz - dwt - ozt (-g - oz -ct - gn for ZX-60)

4. Do not place objects exceeding the capacity of the scale on the weighing platform or the scale will read "H". Damage caused by overload is not covered by the warranty.

5. Items being weighed should not be left on the platform for longer than 5 seconds or else the accuracy of the next item to be weighed is affected.


Tare weighing allows you to subtract the weight of a container to obtain the weight of its contents only (net weight)

1. After turning on the scale and waiting for the display to show "0.0" or "0.00", place a tray or container on the weighing platform. Press the "TARE" button to return the scale to zero. You can also achieve the same results by placing a tray or container on the platform with the scale off, then turn the scale on. It will read zero automatically.

2. If you then remove the container, the display will show the containers weight as a negative value. Press "TARE" again to return the scale to zero.

3. After turning on the scale or during the course of weighing, if the display does not show "0.0" or "0.00", press the "TARE" key to restore it to "0.0" or "0.00".ZX-600 : 500 Gram Calibration Weight


1. This scale features an auto-off function. If no activity takes place on the scale for 30 seconds, the scale will turn off automatically.

2. To manually shut off the scale, press the "ON/OFF" button.

Calibration Instructions

This scale has been calibrated at the factory. However shock caused by extreme changes in temperature, humidity, and elevation can cause the scale to lose calibration. Always use the correct calibration weight for your scale:

Calibration weight is not included

1. With the scale off, first press and hold the "MODE" key. With the "MODE" key still depressed, tap the "ON/OFF" button. The display will show a number. You may now release both keys.

2. Press the "ON/OFF" key again. The LCD will display ZERO then the required calibration weight value(ie 50g, 500g).

3. Place the required weight onto the platform and press "ON/OFF" again. The LCD will display "PASS". Calibration is complete!

Note: If the standard calibration weight is not used, the calibration may not finish automatically or the recalibration may not be accurate. Check your scale supplier for calibration weight availability.

Technical Specifications






60g / 2.116oz /

300ct / 925.9gn

250g / 8.818oz / 8.038ozt / 160.8dwt

600g / 21.16oz / 19.29ozt / 385dwt


0.01g / 0.001oz / 0.05ct / 0.1gn

0.1g / 0.01oz / 0.1dwt / 0.01ozt

0.1g / 0.01oz / 0.1dwt / 0.01ozt


+/- 0.01g

+/- 0.1g

+/- 0.1g


two CR2032 Batteries


"H": Overload

"-E" or no display Replace batteries

"OUT2" Out of Calibration.

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